Blogging’s lowdown

Blogging is a passion of mine. I believe that this is the writer’s hour. With the technology that we have at hand, a regular guy, sitting at Starbucks with his laptop can change the world. Such is the power of the written word. I can influence 30 to 40 people speaking from my pulpit on any given Sunday morning, and I can influence a whole generation writing through my blog. Both have their place, but you cannot ignore the impact and reach of the resources that we have. I am committed to blogging, and to honing my writing skills (The Apostle Paul would be a blogger nowadays, really, and I committed to imitating my heroes).

The cost of blogging and writing.
Having said that, writing in general and blogging in particular, comes at a cost. The cost is time. You really have to invest time into writing, into building up an audience, into research, and into a myriad of nerdy-geeky administrative tasks that enable your writing to reach others. Time is something we all have 24 hours of every day, so the real question is what value will you give to writing or blogging. Are you ready to put-in a couple of hours every day at the very least?

Blogging phenomenon Mark Hadfield of “Made to Praise Him” fame has shut down his blog this week, citing a leading that he has had. In his own words:

I grew up with a child’s TV programme which always started “why don’t you switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead?” I feel Jesus calling to me to switch off the computer and stretch my legs in the mountains at this point in life’s adventure. Who am I to argue?

Mark, if you ever read this, your words do resonate with me, although your blog will be missed! If you decide to resume blogging, you have a reader here.

My own blogging “lean cows” season.
I too have been going through a lean season of blogging. The reason being that I am putting in the hours into my job, I am studying to become a Chartered Valuation Surveyor (an appraiser), I am getting my house ready for baby No. 3, and I am also pastoring Living Waters, leading three meetings a week and attending to all the leadership and pastoral issues that this entails.

A typical day for me looks like this:

  • 06:00hrs – Wake up. Wash up. Have gulp down coffee. Have prayer & soaking time
  • 07:30hrs – Wake boys up. Prepare breakfast, get kids dressed up etc.
  • 8:45hrs – Head out for school, drop-off boys and go to work.
  • 9:00hrs – Arrive at work. Check emails and plan day, and start going to meetings, preparing reports and certifying legal documents.
  • 13:00hrs – Grab a bite to eat at my desk, update church admin stuff and accounts, catch-up on calls, run off to bank to deposit a cheque for the church.
  • 14:00hrs – Back at the office researching material on property appraisals, studying, etc.
  • 18:00hrs – Still at the office – prepping for bible study tonight
  • 19:00hrs – Rush-off to store to buy a few groceries – negotiate traffic!
  • 19:30hrs – Arrive home – help Annabelle with Dinner, showers etc getting Kids ready.
  • 20:00hrs – At church – Bible study on Foundations of Faith
  • 22:00hrs – Bible study finishes – head-out to coffee shop to unwind
  • 23:00hrs – Arrive home – crash on the sofa – catch-up on reading material
  • 1:00hrs – Go to bed.

I am one hairbreadth away from burnout on the best of days, and I really have to watch what I take-on if I am going to be in this for the long-run and finish well.

So my blogging is getting bumped-off. And things will remain this way until I can significantly clear my schedule to allow for at least an hour of blogging a day. Thank you for your understanding.

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