Blogging nerdery post: Wildox redesign



This post is only going to appeal to hardcore nerds out there so feel free to skip is if your concept of keeping up with the times is to have a cellphone.

After having sported the minimalistic “all white” theme for my blog for some time now, I have redesigned the blog using a wordpress theme called Revolution. I am slowly learning how to edit all the different sections of the site so please be patient with me.

This theme actually gives me a whole lot of lattitude to play with so I can start to plan stuff that I have been holding-off on this site for lack of “umph”. I really want to start exploring with the use of audio and video, maybe having a video podcast and audio interviews etc. It’s the digital generation we should be pursuing, stupid!

Anyways just bear with me and you should be seeing some interesting stuff appear shortly on the blog.

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