Quick blogging nerdery update


Hi blogosphere! I’m back!

After having sported a polished premium theme for my blog for a few months, I am temporarily reverting to the stripped-down basic white theme that I used to have previously. The reason for this is that my blog’s premium theme was so labour-intensive, with manual edits of several fields, and different image sizes need per post, that I stopped blogging altogether. It all eneded up like a massive website that needed maintenance all the time – not the sort of thing an overstretched guy like me wants. I need a cool, sleek, low-maintenance theme that I can just crank out posts and hang them there.

So….until such time as I find this uber-cool theme – or until such time as I employ an assistant that can maintain my premium theme for me 😉 I will be using free and simple blog themes. Over and out.

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