Book review: Richard Branson – Screw it, Let’s do it


Screw it, Let's do it

Just finished “Screw it, let’s do it“, the second of my four books on Richard Branson. This guy is an incredible agent of change in every industry that he enters. He seems to be like a walking hurricane that leaves results in its wake instead of destruction. He leaves the Virgin mark on everything he touches – a different way of doing business.

This book is very easy to read, and straight to the point. In a way supplemental to his “Losing my virginity“, it reveals the lessons that have helped him build a global business empire. His formula for creativity is so revealing – he says that he just stays really positive all the time (his staff call him “Dr. Yes”) and ideas just “drop into his head” (!!!!!)

The lessons that he explains in this book are the following:

Just do it!

  • Believe it can be done
  • Have goals
  • Live life to the full
  • Never give up
  • Prepare well
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Try and try again
  • Help each other

Have fun!

  • Have fun, work hard, and money will come
  • Don’t wAste time – grab your chances
  • Have a positive outlook on life
  • When it’s not fun, move on

Be Bold

  • Calculate the risks and take them
  • Believe in yourself
  • Chase your dreams and goals
  • Have no regrets
  • Keep your word

Challenge Yourself

  • Aim high
  • Try new things
  • Always try
  • Challenge yourself

Stand On Your Own Two Feet

  • Rely on yourself
  • Chase your dreams but live in the real world
  • Work together

Live the moment

  • Love life and live it to the full
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Reflect on your life
  • Make every second count
  • Don’t have regrets

Value family and friends

  • Put family and the team first
  • Be loyal
  • Face problems head on
  • Money is for making things happen
  • Pick the right people and reward talent

Have respect

  • Be polite and respectful
  • Do the right thing
  • Keep your good name
  • Be fair in all your dealings

Gaia capitalism

  • Leave the world a better place
  • Pull your weight
  • Take the long-term view
  • Always consider the implications of your actions
  • Big victories are made up of many small ones
  • Confront the big issues, they won’t go away
  • Understand the situation then consider whether to fight and how
  • Never lose sight of the end goal
  • If something is wrong – fix it

Sex appeal

  • Be passionate about the brand and make it sexy
  • Use the normal to engage the enemy, the extraordinary to win
  • Walk the talk
  • Create excitement in everything you do
  • If something needs doing, do it yourself
  • Look beyond the obvious and put your a$$ on the line

Be innovative

  • Nothing is impossible
  • Think creatively
  • The system is not sacred
  • To win you have to break the rules
  • Play the hand you’ve been dealt with
  • Find another way

Do some good

  • Change the world, even if in a small way
  • Make a difference and help others
  • Do no harm
  • Always think what you can do to help

Pow! Shazam!

  • Speed is the ultimate competitive weapon
  • Be first in the field
  • Do it now
  • Keep it simple
  • Cut red tape
  • Keep your eye on the ball

Think young

  • You’ve got to challenge the big ones
  • Keep it casual
  • Haggle: Everything is negotiable
  • Have fun working
  • Do the right things for the brand
  • Smile for the cameras!
  • Don’t lead ‘sheep’, herd ‘cats’
  • Move like a bullet
  • Small is beautiful
  • Be a common, regular person

Richard explains how his best business ideas always come through having lots and lots of conversations with people – even when he is working through his long to-do lists. He has his entrepreneurial antennae always switched on and ideas are picked up and then developed. I look forward to reading the other two books on this Richard Branson palooza that I’ve embarked upon. Stay tuned for more…..

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