Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur


Business Stripped Bare, the third book on my Richard Branson reading palooza. Many of the examples used in this book are a rehashed version of material already found on his previous two books – even so, I would recommend this book to any aspiring entrepreneur. In-fact, read anything about this man that you can get your hands on.   He has the  knack that whenever he enters into a different market, he effectively “changes the rules of the game” within that industry.  This is more than simply being innovative or creative – it is the innate ability to create a whole new paradigm within a business sector where others are just doing business as usual.  There are very few companies that I can think of that have this ability, save for maybe Apple and Google.

His philosophy on business and money is some sort of enlightened capitalism. A real sense of responsibility comes through the pages where he is very conscious that those who have been blessed with success and wealth in life are under an obligation to help fix as much of this broken world as possible. Richard Branson really believes in the power of entrepreneurship in order to fix some of the world’s most intractable problems – This really strikes a chord with me. He also oozes charisma and energy (being known as “Dr. Yes” by some in his team).  I only wish I could clone myself as him sometimes 🙂

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