Book review: Business the Richard Branson Way

Business the Richard Branson Way

OK so I’ve finished reading my four books on [wikipop]Richard Branson[/wikipop]. Not only have I survived the ordeal, but I have also found it quite enjoyable and insightful. “Business the Richard Branson Way” offers an objective study into how this remarkable man has managed to build an infinitely elastic global brand that seems to defy the best of business literature on the subject. So far, something seems to be working.

This piece of work offers lessons, not only for the businessman or [wikipop]entrepreneur[/wikipop], but for anybody who is in any position of leadership. It is highly recommended. You will learn how the Branson brand:

  • Picks on Goliaths
  • Is in tune with the times
  • Haggles for everything and secures impressive outcomes from negotiations
  • Makes work fun
  • Stretches the brand infinitely
  • Leverages the power of media and news coverage
  • Inspires people and empowers them to draw out the best on them
  • Jumps on opportunities at the speed of light
  • Keeps everything small and nimble
  • Never loses the common touch
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