My Twitter stream for week of 2009-06-27

  • WildOx | “My Twitter stream for week of 2009-06-20” get it here: #
  • #linklove—> – healing music fo the soul #
  • #quote: “I would rather die standing than live on my knees [ a slave]!” ~Emiliano Zapata #
  • Just arrived in “los londres” – its hot hot hot. #
  • Getting stuck into some amazing pub grub in london. Shhh dont tell the wife! #
  • #smallworld—>have met 2 peeps from Gibraltar here in London. How cool is that??? #
  • Wondering how this full english breackfast can fit into my diet. #
  • Cafe Nero or Starbucks? #
  • Sitting at Starbucks. I need to pause for a moment. I promised myself I wouldnt cry…. #
  • #news–> Fatal jellyfish in the Strait of Gibraltar – #
  • #London–>Hamleys | Apple Store | Borders Bookshop | Starbucks – thats what I call having a good day!!!!! #
  • At Gatwick airport, London – making use of the most expensive WiFi in the world!!! #
  • #ReallyWeird: old guy beside me – talking into a Bluetooth earpiece. Just noticed…no earpiece. he’s been talking to himself all along!!!! #
  • #news—> you know you’re in Redneck territory when….”Pastor invites flock to bring their guns to church” – #
  • About to takeoff back to Gib. plane full of schoolchildren! help! #

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