My Twitter stream for week of 2009-07-11

  • WildOx | “My Twitter stream for week of 2009-07-04” get it here: #
  • @rbohlender scrabble on the iPhone whilst in labour ????? WOW @kbohlender is a tough gal!!!!! in reply to rbohlender #
  • #news—> Google Plans a PC Operating System | – #
  • @rbohlender congratulations on the new addition to your growing tribe #
  • …off to the club. Looking forward to a “serious” #swim (see: #
  • Serious swim did not materialize due to me chickening-out at near-freezing temp. of H20. #
  • Watching #G8 coverage on CNN – does anyone actually KNOW what they are talking bout? #
  • …trying to study. ending-up wrestling my baby ethan off my computer. I give up #
  • RT @timee129: Speculation is the lowest form of knowledge #
  • RT @timee129: Worry is negative meditation #
  • #quote—>”The pessimist sees the hole….the optimist sees the doughnut” – Oscar Wilde #
  • RT @Pastorpaulallen: Love your enemies. They’ll go crazy trying to figure out what you’re up to. #
  • #health—>URGENT: Side-effects of giving “Evian” water to babies!!!! – #
  • off to see my 92-year old gramps….. then its sun, sun, sun #
  • Currently undergoing a massive weaning from information, social media, etc. seriously curtailing time spent online to maximize focus on … #
  • #quote—> “Leaders are readers” #
  • @missional Gee, depends. “The Google” tells me its Sanders, Harry Truman, and Charles Jones!!! Take your pick. Ha! in reply to missional #
  • #quote: “Some people are so cautious with their lives they tip toe through life hoping to arrive at death safely” #
  • @JohnnyLaird thanks for the RT!!! in reply to JohnnyLaird #
  • ..and the city-taking radical stuff begins….. #
  • Powerful time at a local restaurant with our visiting dutch radical firebrand friend #
  • This guy is prophesying over the musicians at the restaurant! #

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