Eat your way to a movement and change the world

Recently a bunch of dudes and dudettes from Living Waters Church invaded the Ipanema restaurant in Gibraltar. I am amazed at how important it is, for your movement to eat together! There is something about shared meals that is at the centre of life together. In our culture, a lot of important business is conducted over a shared meal (Of course, we call them ” business lunches”, just to give it that sense of importance, or maybe even a sense of grown-up-ness) – In other cultures, shared meals form the backbone of much of civic life, commerce and polity.

If you want to foster common bonds, a shared sense of purpose, and a sense of belonging, then eat out…. a lot. Please tell me that you heard this. It is so simple that it runs the risk of seeming trivial. Simple stuff is usually overlooked. Simple stuff is often powerful.

Mankind has a innate craving for belonging, especially for belonging to a mission that has a cause. When people feel that they truly belong, and form an important part of, something greater than themselves, then watch-out, you have in your hands the genesis of a world-changing and paradigm-destroying phenomenon. In other words, you have in your hands the basic ingredients that can change the rules of the game.

Your movement needs that fellow-ship. It all begins happens around some good food and a healthy appetite for your mission. Ribs anyone?

For the record: The obligatory evidence:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157622763171440″]

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