Pastor Angel Nava, from Mexico, at Living Waters Church


This weekend, at Living Waters Church, we will have with us Pastor Angel Nava, of Semillas de Vida, a dynamic church in La Paz, Mexico. This church has partnered strategically with Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church of Redding California. Semillas de Vida hosts one of Bethel’s Schools of Supernatural Ministry. The school is designed to raise up nationals in Mexico to begin to dream and to train them to bring revival and transformation to Mexico. They are seeing some phenomenal things take place. Graduates from this school are beginning to plant businesses, become missionaries, and move into places of influence. This base is becoming a place where people are being raised up and sent out. Angel is also emerging as a key voice of reconciliation, honour and unity among different streams, churches and ministries in Mexico, and beyond.

If you are in the area, come and join us for these meetings! Watch this space for some follow-up posts on these sessions!

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