I am a visual learner.  I need to READ things to learn.  Hands-on learning, for me, conjures images of grease-covered hands tinkering with engines.  No thanks. 

However, for those of you who learn better aurally, I have lately been using this site to engage with scripture in a way that is new and refreshing.  The Daily Audio Bible lets you cover the whole bible in a year through their daily Podcast.  I am finding the daily readings very refreshing as I can engage with scripture in a way that is totally different to how I normally “read” the bible.

These guys are also breaking new ground in terms of the way in which they are forming an online  community around the daily reading of the scriptures, worship and prayer.  Sort-of like a virtual prayer room.  Awesome!

This is what they say about themselves:

Daily interaction with the Scriptures is the heart of all we do.  A deep and abiding friendship with Jesus informed by the rich texture of the Bible is the reason the Daily Audio Bible exists.  We believe that it is fundamental to every believer’s healthy spiritual life that we be people seeking the counsel of the Bible every single day, that we be people who walk with God intimately and conversationally and that we live in community with one another.

Check them out – dive into the daily audio bible and let me know how it goes for you.


Peace out.

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