Thoughts on secondary school


Last night I attended a parents’ evening at Bayside Comprehensive School, the secondary school that, much to my shock and horror, my eldest boy Aaron is due to attend in September.

When I sat down in that auditorium, and heard the teachers’ presentation, one two thoughts were on my mind. Firstly I thought, man, A LOT has changed in the 18 years since I attended Bayside! Same building, different world!!!!! Second, I kept on seeing the computers, the WIFI throughout the school, the classrooms, the workshops and the staff I kept on thinking, that with the amount of support and resources available to our boys and girls nowadays, I guess the kid that does not make it really does not want to make it? I know that is an unfair comment, and many children have really raw deals in their personal lives, but the point is this: I know that there is much talk about the watering-down of standards in education, given the meteoric rise of grades in recent years – however, no-one even mentions that the world of teaching has evolved by leaps and bounds since a few years ago. The tools and support available nowadays are responsible, in no small measure, to the meteoric rise of grades.

Well it seems unreal that my boy will be venturing to Bayside in September. I am assured in part, that in this huge transition for him he will have an impressive backup to assist in his development and in his making the most of these few years ahead.

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