God does NOT want to use you!


(Photo Credit: SantiMB)

Okay let me get this off my chest.  Please bear with me, fellow followers of the way.  Lay down your arms, put down your stones, and I shall speak this once.  I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the language in our Christian circles of God wanting to “use” you.  I mean, I guess it’s OK up to a certain point, to let people know that God will display His Glory through normal messed-up people like you and me.  Now, the word “use” – that is what I am having a problem with.  You see, the imagery in the scriptures used to explain the intimacy between God and his people is the picture of a husband and his wife.  When we look at it that way, then the word “use” becomes soiled doesn’t it?  I mean, if I were to say to my wife that I wanted to “use” her today, I would get some rolling-pin love on my bald noggin that’s for sure.  If God is the Divine Lover pursuing people in a fierce Love, then the image of dancing with God may be more helpful than the image of Him using you.  

Yes, I like that.  God wants to dance with you, and through that divine romance, transform you and the world around you through love.  Bring it on Lord!
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2 Responses to God does NOT want to use you!

  1. Douglas Cumming says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, I too have never liked the term “being used” in relation to our relationship with GodNow to be USEFUL to Him, that’s another matter…

  2. John Baw says:

    I agree Douggie. Being useful and being used are two different things altogether!

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