Pause for Reflection – I’m the man!

If you normally hear Radio Gibraltar, you may like to know that I will be doing the "Pause for Reflection" segments all of next week at 7:55AM.  The 2-minute "thought for the day" talks have been recorded this morning and they will be airing next week.  If you are of the sleepy kind, or if you find that pausing for reflection at 8:00am is a task made impossible by school uniforms, toilet traffic-jams, the application of make-up and the preparation of lunches, then rest assured……. I will be posting my super-duper talks here all next week – so watch this space folks!

These are the "thoughts" as they will appear next week:
  • Monday 28th March 2011 – Pause for Reflection – "Quality of Life"
  • Tuesday 29th March 2011 -Pause for Reflection – "Connection" 
  • Wednesday 30th March 2011 – Pause for Reflection – "By the Rivers of Babylon"
  • Thursday 31st March 2011- Pause for Reflection – "Lent"
  • Friday 1st April 2011- Pause for Reflection – "How beautiful upon the mountains…."
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