My reading routine


I am an avid reader. OK scrap that.  I am a compulsive reader. Really, ask my wife.  I will read anywhere and everywhere.  I probably read at least three hours every day.  For me its more than just "reading".  Every time I pick up a book I see myself s having a conversation with the author!  I get to meet and look inside the heart and mind of some of the most interesting people around.  I also have an insatiable appetite to learn.

Every now and then someone will ask me what I am reading, so I guess I wanted to share with you all what my daily reading habits are.  I use my iPad every day, and these are my favourite reading spots on this tablet:

  • The Bible – Usually early morning reading.  (I try to read the Bible consistently and systematically and so I always want to make that the main item of reading for me.  I have even followed some of the more radical Bible reading plans that have you read through the Bible every three months.)
  • The Economist.  This newspaper will make you quite knowledgeable in a vast variety of subjects.  It is well worth your time and money.
  • Le Monde – I love the french language. Again the iPad is great for this sort of thing.
  • El Pais – I know, I'm sorry.
  • Gibraltar Chronicle – All about my home town.
  • The Guardian newspaper – Not that this necessarily pigeonholes me politically.

I also use a news app called Fluent News that aggregates news from a variety of sources.  

Apart from that, I usually read from my Kindle, when I am at the beach or by the pool of my local rowing club (a daily habit in the summer).  At the moment I am reading "The Personal MBA" by Josh Kaufmann.

At night I will usually read books (real ones….. like, the paper ones) either biographies, books on leadership or on theology, and I also tend to be reading several books at once.

I also follow an insane number of Blogs using Google Reader.  I am trying to cut down on this but I get withdrawal symptoms every time I cut down drastically.  This aspect of my reading tends to be more impulsive and less disciplined than the rest. 
 Apart from this I love using Twitter, and can be seen around Facebook quite a bit too, but social media is probably stuff for another blog post.

Please pray for my wife.
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