Prayer for Peace – from a Jewish Prayer Book


Photo credit: MojoBaer.

Source of Peace.  Ruler of Peace.
Grant peace to your people Israel
And let peace spread among all Your creatures,
So that there may be no hatred, jealousy,
competition or victory among people.
Let there be only great love and peace among us all,
So that we may gather together,
Each with their fellow,
Speaking to each other,
Learning the truth from each other.

(Arabic:) Allahumma anta Salaam, wa minkas Salaam.
O God, You are Peace.  Peace is from You.

Adon ha-Shalom, barkheinu va-shalom, amen.
Source of Peace, bless us with Peace, amen.

-Based on a prayer by R. Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810)

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