The power of the backstory

When I learn the background to a situation, I find that this helps me develop a keener sense of understanding. I have learnt the power of the backstory. Let’s take a look at a powerful backstory that really moves me ….

Learning from Wintley Phipps in the above video, that the spiritual song “Amazing Grace” was written by a former slave ship captain, and that, as many believe, the melody was an African sorrow chant, endows the song with a lot more meaning and power, in my mind.

Backstories matter. They will allow you to appreciate things, people and situations in a far richer and more meaningful way. If we take the time to sincerely learn a person’s backstory we will enhance our own sense of honest curiosity. This makes for a more genuine journey through life and a less conceited and judgemental attitude.

“Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”

(Cherokee Tribe Proverb)

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