Why you should use Trello now!


Every now and then an app comes along that revolutionises the way you work or study. For me, Trello is one of them. I use it to create “Boards” of all my learning goals, and populate these with links or books that I want to read/watch in order to cover these topics.

I am a great believer in continual lifelong learning. We should always be learning, alway curious, always humble.

Many of my “Boards” are theology-related but you can create Boards for any topics that you like. For me, Trello has huge advantages:

  • It has an interface that is toally flexible.  It really feels as if you are pinning notes on a cork notice board.
  • It enjoys a seamless integration with my other apps: Google Docs, Dropbox which is where I increasingly keep more and more of my life.
  • I can organise all of my Boards in different “organisations” so I can keep my church Boards, personal study Boards and other material neatly separated.
  • I can collaborate with others if I use Trello for project management.

You should totally sign up. I get a free upgrade if you do 😉

Check out this link to learn more: https://trello.com/johnbaw/recommend

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