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The lily showed the sage The scars of battles untold; The yearnings of a heart alive, Always hoping, never dead. “Look and see,” she cried “Behold, I have lived; Know, that I have cried; these marks do thus testify” The … Continue reading

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When Christianity doesn’t look like Christ

“When Christianity doesn’t look like Christ, it’s not good news. It’s just the same ol’ bad news… only now with Bible verses” — @JarrodMcKenna #Quote Join the convo: Twitter:  @John_Baw FaceBook: JohnBaw

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Book Review: The Shadow of the Galilean

German Theologian and New Testament Scholar Gerd Theissen has written this very unusual but interesting work of historical fiction. As the subtitle suggests – The Quest of the Historical Jesus in Narrative Form – it is the humanity of Jesus that shines … Continue reading

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The greatest man in history

Greatest man in history, named Jesus. Had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won … Continue reading

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Why you should use Trello now!

Every now and then an app comes along that revolutionises the way you work or study. For me, Trello is one of them. I use it to create “Boards” of all my learning goals, and populate these with links or … Continue reading

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My Socio-Political leanings

They way in which you see the world has a huge bearing on the decisions that you will take and commitments that you will make.  If you’re interested in my socio-political views, my political compass comes out like this: That … Continue reading

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The Talmud – A Biography

I bought “The Talmud – A Biography: Banned, censored and burned. The book they couldn’t suppress” by Harry Freedman after hearing him deliver his talk as part of the Gibraltar Literary Festival 2014. This biography is a biography of a book. Not just … Continue reading

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Haiku: The Breeze….

the breeze makes me smile gentle reminder of grace eternity calls More info: Wikipedia article – Haiku in English

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Letter to the Gibraltar Chronicle: Time for a Gibraltar School of Languages?

Dear Sir, The closure of the Instituto Cervantes has been celebrated by some and lamented by others. It seems to me that those who celebrate its demise reason from a political perspective whereas those who lament its closure do so … Continue reading

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The power of the backstory

When I learn the background to a situation, I find that this helps me develop a keener sense of understanding. I have learnt the power of the backstory. Let’s take a look at a powerful backstory that really moves me … Continue reading

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