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Haiku: The Breeze….

the breeze makes me smile gentle reminder of grace eternity calls More info: Wikipedia article – Haiku in English

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Letter to the Gibraltar Chronicle: Time for a Gibraltar School of Languages?

Dear Sir, The closure of the Instituto Cervantes has been celebrated by some and lamented by others. It seems to me that those who celebrate its demise reason from a political perspective whereas those who lament its closure do so … Continue reading

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The power of the backstory

When I learn the background to a situation, I find that this helps me develop a keener sense of understanding. I have learnt the power of the backstory. Let’s take a look at a powerful backstory that really moves me … Continue reading

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Behold how good and pleasant

“Hine Mah Tov” is a Jewish hymn traditionally sung at Sabbath feasts and whose lyrics are the first verse of Psalm 133. Psalm 133: 1  How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity! 2  It … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Le Blog | John Baw:
Austerity, that dreaded word; Never bites the shepherd, as it does the herd.

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Poem: I never would have imagined

I never would have imagined That my dreams would come true That one true love Would love me back And that one true love was you

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President Obama’s comments on the Crusades

I feel sorry for President Obama. The man has experienced the brunt of the religious aftershock of his comments at a recent Prayer Breakfast.  Here’s the skinny on what happened. Highlighting the atrocities being committed by Islamic State in Syria … Continue reading

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